Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery located in Odessa, TX

There are many reasons you might need breast surgery. At Odessa General Surgery Robotics in Odessa, Texas, Judith Birungi, MD, is an experienced general surgeon who performs breast surgery to treat medical conditions like breast cancer. She takes a patient-centered approach to care, creating surgical plans that best fit your goals and desires. Call today or schedule a consultation using the online booking button.

Breast Surgery Q & A

I thought breast surgery was cosmetic. What is breast surgery?

Breast surgery refers to any surgical procedure involving the breast. Breast augmentation and breast reconstruction are types of cosmetic breast surgery. 

But not all breast surgeries are cosmetic. Breast surgery also treats medical conditions.

What medical conditions are treated with breast surgery?

Breast cancer is among the most common medical conditions treated with breast surgery. The procedure can involve removing only the cancerous tumor, or it can take the entire breast.

Some people at high risk of breast cancer choose breast surgery as a preventive measure. Breast surgery is also done to remove noncancerous breast lumps.

Breast reduction surgery, while often done for cosmetic reasons, is also a medical procedure that reduces breast size to ease problems like back and neck pain.

I have breast cancer. What are my breast surgery choices?

Dr. Birungi works with you and your breast cancer doctor to determine the best surgery for you. Breast surgeries include:

Breast-conserving surgery

Breast-conserving surgery removes just the cancerous tumor and some surrounding healthy tissue, preserving most of your natural breast tissue. You could qualify for this procedure if your cancerous lump is small.


You’ll need radiation therapy following this surgery to ensure the destruction of all the cancer cells.


A mastectomy is a breast surgery that involves removing the entire breast tissue and some nearby healthy tissue. Dr. Birungi will recommend a mastectomy if you have a large cancerous tumor or you have early-stage breast cancer and don’t want radiation therapy.


A double mastectomy removes both breasts.

What happens after breast surgery?

You need to take it easy following breast surgery. Recovery time depends on which surgery you had. For breast-conserving surgery, you can return to most of your usual activities within two weeks. For a mastectomy, it’ll be 4-6 weeks before you can return to your regular activities.

Dr. Birungi explains what you can expect during your recovery following breast surgery at your presurgical consultation.

Breast surgery is personal and complex. Call Odessa General Surgery Robotics or schedule an appointment online to discuss your choices with the kind and compassionate surgeon.