Colon Surgery

Colon Surgery

Colon Surgery located in Odessa, TX

Colon surgery treats many conditions, including colon cancer, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and bowel obstruction. Judith Birungi, MD, of Odessa General Surgery Robotics in Odessa, Texas, performs colon surgery using advanced surgical techniques that drastically reduce incision size and shorten recovery time. Call the general surgery practice today or use the online booking button to schedule your colon surgery consultation.

Colon Surgery Q & A

What is colon surgery exactly?

Colon surgery includes any surgical procedure involving the colon. Your colon is part of your large intestine. It absorbs water and nutrients from food waste before sending it to your rectum for elimination.

Colon surgery removes some or all of your colon. 

Dr. Birungi is an experienced general surgeon at Odessa General Surgery Robotics who performs colon surgery through small incisions using minimally invasive laparoscopic or robotic surgery when possible.

I have colon cancer. Which colon surgery do I need?

Dr. Birungi explains in detail which colon surgery you need based on your diagnosis. Colon surgeries include:

Partial colectomy

If you have colon cancer, Dr. Birungi could perform a partial colectomy, removing only the part of the colon with the cancerous tumor.

She might also perform a partial colectomy for a bowel obstruction or Crohn’s disease, a form of IBD.

Total colectomy

During a total colectomy, Dr. Birungi removes the entire colon. You might need a total colectomy if you have ulcerative colitis, an IBD that causes inflammation and ulcerations on the colon’s inner lining.

Following a partial or total colectomy, Dr. Birungi reattaches the remaining ends to recreate the bowel. In cases where she can’t reattach the bowel, Dr. Birungi creates a stoma, an opening through the abdominal wall to the outside that allows the removal of waste into a plastic bag.

What happens during colon surgery?

Dr. Birungi customizes your colon surgery based on the reason for the procedure. She reviews the details with you at your presurgical visit.

Colon surgery is major surgery. You’re given anesthesia so that you sleep through the procedure. Dr. Birungi makes an incision, carefully separates and removes the diseased bowel, reconnects the healthy sections or creates a stoma, and closes the incisions.

You then go to the recovery room for monitoring. You could go home the same day or remain at the hospital overnight for continued care.

What can I expect during recovery from colon surgery?

Recovery following colon surgery can take up to six weeks. But you should be able to resume many of your everyday activities within two weeks. You need to follow a strict diet (usually a low-fiber diet) after colon surgery to not overwork the large intestine. This gives the surgical wounds time to heal.

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