Colonoscopy located in Odessa, TX

Colonoscopies are minimally invasive procedures used to examine the inner lining of your large intestine. Colonoscopies are used to diagnose and treat bowel conditions. At Odessa General Surgery Robotics in Odessa, Texas, Judith Birungi, MD, performs colonoscopies to remove colon polyps, repair wounds, and remove intestinal blockages. Call today or book an appointment online to learn more about colonoscopies at Odessa General Surgery Robotics.

Colonoscopy Q & A

What should I know about colonoscopies?

Colonoscopies are minimally invasive procedures that use a microcamera (colonoscope) to evaluate the lining of your large intestine, the last part of your gastrointestinal tract.

During a colonoscopy, Dr. Birungi inserts the colonoscope into your anus, slowly advancing it through the entire length of your large intestine. The colonoscope sends images to a computer monitor, allowing Dr. Birungi to look for abnormalities and perform procedures from inside your large intestine.

Why do I need to do bowel prep before colonoscopies?

Before your colonoscopy, you’ll do bowel prep to ensure your large intestine is clean and all stool and debris are removed. This ensures that Dr. Birungi gets a clear view of the entire length of your colon.

Bowel prep includes following a low-fiber diet for a few days before your procedure and then a liquid diet. You take a potent laxative called a purgative the night before your colonoscopy to clear the remaining stool and stop eating and drinking at least eight hours before the procedure.

If you can’t follow the bowel prep guidelines, Dr. Birungi will reschedule your colonoscopy.

What happens during colonoscopies?

Dr. Birungi explains what you can expect during your colonoscopy at Odessa General Surgery Robotics at your consultation. Dr. Birungi administers general anesthesia before your procedure so you sleep through the procedure.

While you lie on your side, Dr. Birungi inserts the colonoscope and examines the large intestine. She can insert surgical instruments through the colonoscope to perform procedures like removing a polyp, repairing a wound, or clearing a bowel obstruction.

What can I expect after colonoscopies?

Dr. Birungi sends you to the recovery room following your colonoscopy. Most patients go home the same day, but she might request an overnight stay.

You must have someone drive you home following the colonoscopy and plan to take it easy until the anesthesia wears off (usually 24 hours). You might experience mild discomfort and rectal bleeding following your colonoscopy if Dr. Birungi performed a procedure.

You can resume your usual diet when you feel ready.

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